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Dual Purpose boiler. heats house by forced hot water and provides hot water for house in the same unit. (qualified for energy tax rebate)

The Quietside Dual Purpose Water Heater provides both closed loop heating water, for radiant,fan coil, and other hydronic applications plus with the convenience and efficiency of on-demand domestic hot water.

Three capacities - 99,000 , 120,000 and 199,000 Btu/h are available.

These units have efficiency levels of 90% AFUE on the heating operation and an energy factorof up to 0.85 for DHW production.¬† These outstanding efficiency levels are achieved by utilizing two heating exchangers, including a wet recuperative heat exchanger.† This heat exchanger condenses extra energy from the hot flue gas to provide additional performance and energy.These units are capable of being vented in Schedule 40 PVC.

Innovative Design

Our innovative Heat Exhanger design flows the flue gas in† "S" line configuration to improve heat transfer & unit efficiency.


S Line Heat Exchangers

The S Line heat exchangers have our innovative design.† Placing the
latent heat exchanger at an angle above the sensible heat exchanger
ensures complete separation from condensate, increasing unit

Flue gas flows upward providing stable & quiet operation even with up
to 45 ft equivalent flue lengths. 

The design of the latent heat exchanger reduces flue gas temperature
to below 140 DegF at all times, allowing the use of Schedule 40 PVC
as the vent material. 


Modulating Gas Valve

The modulating gas valve allows complete control of the gas flow to the
burner assembly. This unit has a turndown ratio of 2:1 to provide
performance across a wide range of heat loads.


Durable Hydroblock

To increase efficiency, reliability and service a modular concept is used to
mount all of the components controllingheating and DHW flow directly to
the DHW heat exchanger.



Easy to Use Unit Controller (DSR-100F)

Each unit is supplied with a unit controller allowing both the heating water temperature and the Domestic Hot Water temperature to be set by the end user.

Heating water temperature can be set from 122 DegF to 179 DegF and DHW temperature from 98 - 114 DegF, 120, 130, 140DegF.  (Quietside recommends the installation of an anti scald valve on the DHW system).

The unit controller will also display fault codes in the unlikely event of a malfunction ocurring with the unit.


water heater installationHigh Efficiency Water Heaters

If your home is like many in the Hanover, Pembroke or Hanson and surrouning areas, water heating probably accounts for as much as 25% of your monthly energy bill. There are several ways to save money on water heating ; you can use less hot water by taking shorter showers or cleaning clothes in cool water, or you can call your local residential plumbing company to install a new High Efficiency Water Heater today!

Why install a High Efficiency Water Heater?

A High Efficiency Water Heater can help you save money on your water heating costs as soon as you install it. It features state of the art technology, including a patented air intake system and combustion chamber that make it the most advanced atmospheric water heater on the market. But despite all the complex technology inside, this energy efficient water heater is easy for anyone to use, with an easy  to read digital display and simple push button temperature controls that make saving money on water heating a breeze.

High Efficiency Water Heater was designed for the homeowner at every step of the way. Made to be an easy replacement for any conventional water heater, the energy efficient water heater fits into most existing connections, which could save you money on installation costs. In addition, the water heater surpasses most minimum efficiency standards that qualify it for most utility rebate programs and incentives.


The unit was installed in a condo unit on the 3rd floor of a building inside a mechanical closet. This unit replaced a traditional 50 gallon natural gas fired hot water heater. The old unit was at the end of its 10 year life and in danger of leaking and flooding the condo units on the lower 2 floors. The new unit is more compact and typically hangs on the wall. It also freed up valuable storage space in the smaller condo unit. The picture is an on demand hot water heater by Navien . The unit provides hot water and only fires when there is a demand for hot water. This unit has an efficiency rating of 96% and provide the customer with an $800.00 rebate from There is no storage and so the customer is not heating 40 or 50 gallons of water while they are not at home.



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